All About Davis Mountain State Park

Davis Mountain State Park has been known as a place that can offer you with peace and tranquility. Situated in the mountains of Western Texas, Davis Mountain State Park is a very historic park and you should always go about exploring the mountains through the marvelous starry skies. The site offers a historic tour and a nearby fort, and it has always worth the while. There are several things that you can do in Davis Mountain State Park. The park offers such as wonderful destination for all your interests and adventures. For those seeking for outdoor activities, you can always go about hiking, mountain biking and riding horses. Plus, you can always ride your own horse or trail into the mountains. The other outdoor activities include stargazing, camping and reading nature. You can click this link for more info. 

There are also campsites available at the Indian Lodge which is a very nice lodging with the Davis Mountain State Park and is complete with restaurants, pool for guests and meeting areas. There are picnic spaces that you can rent out for your next event. Plus, Davis Mountain State Park also offers sites for bird watching on the native Texas species of birds. There are several bird feeding space and watering stations that you can enjoy as well.

As for the highlight of the Davis Mountain State Park attraction, hiking provides trails for mountain biking as well. The mile-long trail can take you high up and down the mountains, ridges and all valleys. These trails connect with the historic sites. You can also bring in your horses and stay overnight into the canyon area. There are mile-long trails that can take riders high up in the elevation at Limpia Creek to provide yourself with such a wonderful scenery. There are also terrains where you can enjoy the views of the Davis Mountain State Park. For camping, there are several campsites in the areas and you can always gain access to water that is available throughout the trail.

The Davis Mountain State Park accepts volunteers that can help during the tours. There are also ranger programs for those that can guide tourists in birding, local history learning and others. The website offers several more information about the Davis Mountain State Park and all the activities. The Interpretive Center provides an indoor birdwatching as well as wildlife watering stations. There are GPS units located in the areas as well. Please view this site for further details.